Listerine Natural Green Tea Less Intense Mouthwash 750ml
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Listerine Green Tea Mouthwash with fluoride to keep natural tooth strength. Fights plaque to promote gum health.

Inspired by nature! Used twice daily LISTERINE® GREEN TEA, with added fluoride, essential oils, and green tea extract is proven to:

  • Strengthen tooth enamel even in hard to reach places to help prevent cavities.
  • Fights germs that cause plaque.
  • Freshen breath with natural green tea taste.

LISTERINE® Natural Green Tea is enriched with natural goodness of green tea and 2X* more Fluoride to help form a protective shield on teeth to help prevent cavities with less intense taste.

For the best results, rinse with LISTERINE® 20ml undiluted twice a day for 30 seconds and then expel the liquid. Do not swallow the rinse.

Contains 4 Essential Oils:

  1. Eucalyptol
  2. Methyl Salicylate
  3. Thymol
  4. Menthol
  5. Including natural Green Tea Leaf extract and 2x Fluoride
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1 x Listerine Natural Green Tea Less Intense Mouthwash 750ml