Nuvit Brightening Essence Fluid 30ml
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  1. Brightening Essence Fluid contains Dermal Rx® SRC, a mild keratinocytes metabolizer that brightens skin rapidly.
  2. This product has strong moisture retention and skin repairing properties after sun burn, making it excellent in preventing dark spot deposition.
  3. It helps in instant whitening, skin repairing after sun burn, and provides long-acting moisturizing effect.

After cleansing, apply on the face and neck, morning and night, for balancing the entire skin tone.

Suitable for people with dull, uneven skin tone or with dark spots.

  • Provides Whitening and Brightening Effects
  • Improves Uneven Skin Tone and Dullness
  • Provides Deep Hydration
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1 x Nuvit Brightening Essence Fluid 30ml