JF Anti-Acne Face & Body Care Soap 100g + 20g
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  • relieves the clogged pores and impurities.
  • cleanses the pores from germs and bacteria and also reduces the excessive oil.
  • protects and prevents skin from further possible problems.

Using volcanic sulfur as natural active ingredient, JF Sulfur Soap is uniquely developed as a skin care soap to help in protecting skin from:


The Keratolytic effect helps in relieving skin's clogged pores and its impurities. The active ingredients cleanse the skin from dirt and excessive oil.

Oily Skin

Helps in controlling and reducing skin's excessive oil and related problems.


Helps in protecting againts bacteria and other impurities, maintaining skin hygiene

What's in the box

1 x JF Anti-Acne Face & Body Care Soap 100g + 20g