Ebene Knee L Promo Pack
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  • Stimulates blood & oxygen circulation in knee and leg
  • Relieves rheumatism, arthritic pain and reduces water retention
  • Helps to improve supply of nutrients to strengthen knee bones and soft tissues to prevent brittle knee bones
  • Provides energy to legs especially when walking, moving up/down stairs
  • Relieves muscle ache during/after exercise
  • Provides knee support

Helps To Relieve Knee Problems. Eliminates Leg Swelling. Provides Knee Support. Strengthens Bones & Soft Tissue

Directions: Wear Intermittently During Day For The First Week And Gradually Increase Length Of Wear

Ingredients: Bio-Ray Energy

Storage Information:

Recommend to hand wash the guard in mid detergent but avoid excessive rubbing & sqeezing to prevent removal of Bio Energy materials.


Recommend To Hand Wash The Guard In Mid Detergent But Avoid Excessive Rubbing & Sqeezing To Prevent Removal Of Bio Energy Materials. Measure Circumference Of Lower Thigh, 1 Inch Above Your Knee Cap.

What's in the box

1 x Ebene Knee L Promo Pack